Anthony   "Antman"  Empting
PS:  Robert ! Thanks for all your help, support and dirt building
      and riding enthusiasm! 
      We miss you! You are one of a kind!!!
Anthony Empting
Anthony Empting doin METAL
& Steppin it up for the Westside Locals !

Special Thanks to
Mike " Da Madman" Aiwohi
for being the first to hit Waianae's Bigest double !.        Yous Da Dirt MAN !
From Dirt to METAL we Evolved!!  One day Anthony calls me and says  " Hey I got it !,
                                  "The instructions for destruction! "
  Referring to the FMX ramps plans by Rick Distler. I said  OK, what the hell are we getting ourselves into !    Dirt is one thing but metal ramps thats NUTS!!!  This was back in 2000.

Anthony was the first ever to Jump the First Ever Built Freestyle Ramp in Hawaii! I was the second. Damn!! From that day we were hooked.

                                This was the Beginning  of   LOCOMOTO-X

                                                                                                                           Li Cobian
Special Thanks to
Tommy & Aiden Stay of Stay & Sons
for building these  awesome
dirt Jumps.