Mr. LocoMoto-X
              Li  Cobian       
Li Cobian Hitting REAL Doubles .
"The Pre Metalonium ERA" ,
Before There was METAL We Settled for DIRT !
Then God Gave Us Metal  !       Oh Yeah !!!!!!!!!
" December 8,2002  on My Birth day First Time Hitting Metal in Hawaii with me bud Anthony. All I can say was WOW !!!  "   ---  Li Cobian
90 foot triple at  RPM. Still nothing compared to
Metal ramps  !!!!
Li Cobian
Hi  I'm  Li Cobian
Though I promote extreme sports, I also Promote
The Anti Drug  way of Life .  Life is easy only you can screw it up. I was born & raised in a gangland drug environment. And I learned at an early age you can waste your life with bullshit dreams or live it with reality. Stay in school go to college and thats ONLY the beginning !  I meet a lot of people who do drugs  and try to convince me that I have it all wrong. Or Say I shouldn't put down people who have drug problems, Hey Life, its about choices . I don't mean to put down  druggies..  But Who do you want to be like. Do you want to be a winner or a looser.  I mean really, how can you see a drug addict and say, yeah Man thats what I want to be . Crazy ! For every one who does Drugs and tries to quite and better there lives I salute
you. For Those who abuse drugs and say its cool.

                         F*@# You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I baleeb I can flyyy, Ibaleeb i can tuch da sky!!!"
Thanks Honey for dealing with my riding and not freaking out on my broken bones. I promise  only one bone a year.    Love ya !
Sept 2007 issue
Photo By  Sergio Goes
Great photographer taken away from us too soon. God Bless and rest in peace.